01 March 2010

Why my friend Alan called me the Macguyver of Poop

Last night we went to Red Robin for Ammi's (Grammy/Casey/Peggy/Mom) birthday dinner. I think the problem began a day or two ago but I digress...

Kenner asked/demanded to go to the bathroom.  So up we went and back we came with no result - he had gone in the diaper before we reached the bathroom.

Our food came and he dove into his corndog and FRIES! (If you have shared a meal with Bubba at a restaurant you have heard the announcement of FRIES!)

Everything was going smoothly, I was toward the end of my burger - thank goodness! When he demanded to go to the bathroom again. This is when the trouble began. I thought I had another diaper but I didn't. We get to the bathroom and the one I had just put on was no longer empty - crap!(pun intended) I put him on the toilet because it was obvious he was not done...we did have success - he used the big boy potty!

Thank you to whom ever invented the cell phone. I had wipes but no diaper and needed one desperately. I called for back up - Ammi. I called again for back up. And I called again for back up...do you see where this is going?***Red Robin perhaps you could do something about the level of noise in your restaurants because she couldn't hear the phone.***

Thank you to God who has linked my brain with my mother's and in she came - I swear I heard that music you hear when the angel walks in in the movies....I handed the keys over the door and sent her to the car to get another diaper. This time when she returned there was no music! I had no spare diaper - BUT I did have a femine pad thanks to the trip to Wal-Mart before dinner.

We made do and then left the restaurant - hurriedly. (My poor father in tow completely confused as to what was going on.) But not before getting a to-go bag to cover the car seat with...got home in the nick of time for another evacuation. Please note the femine pad is not nearly as absorbant as the diaper.  I think some where he got a peach or strawberry...next blog title 'How I use my Macguyver skills on the fool who slipped him peach or strawberry.'

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